BLURB: When Bree Prescott arrives in the sleepy, lakeside town of Pelion, Maine, she hopes against hope that this is the place where she will finally find the peace she so desperately seeks. On her first day there, her life collides with Archer Hale, an isolated man who holds a secret agony of his own. A man no one else sees.

Archer’s Voice is the story of a woman chained to the memory of one horrifying night and the man whose love is the key to her freedom. It is the story of a silent man who lives with an excruciating wound and the woman who helps him find his voice. It is the story of suffering, fate, and the transformative power of love.

THIS IS A STAND-ALONE SIGN OF LOVE NOVEL, INSPIRED BY SAGITTARIUS. New Adult Contemporary Romance: Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.


“I was already brilliant. I just needed some world experience. I needed Thor.”

Archer’s Voice… Archer Hale… Archer…

Come on Fernanda… Just please rip that ridiculous smile off of your face! Please! It has been enough already, hasn’t it? The book is over! You look like an idiot! You’re embarrassing me! No? What do you mean by no? Jesus…

So… Archer’s Voice… Archer Hale… Archer…

* SIGH *

How can we rip off this “daydreaming” face after reading ARCHER’S VOICE by Mia Sheridan? Well, the answer is: WE DON’T! It’s just simply impossible to resist the charms of Archer Hale.

Even before the book was set to be release in US, ARCHER’S VOICE was already on my TBR list, because I had fallen in love with the first two books in the A SIGN OF LOVE series, LEO and LEO’S CHANCE, and with Jake and Evie, and was curious to meet all the signs of love, MAINLY Sagittarius! OF COURSE Sagittarius would not be out of my list! OBVIOUS that Sagittarius was the most anticipated book by this person who writes to you. However, with a list that is growing every day in a geometrical progression, this book ended up staying behind. (HUGE SHAME ON ME!) And even with all the positive comments about it and the 5-star reviews, it was still on the waiting list. Until I eventually decided to pick it up.

* SIGH *

And clearly if you’re reading this is because Sagittarius did not disappoint me. The only problem is how do I explain to you who Archer Hale is? * SIGH * Hm… This seems to be a pattern, one that may be the best way to explain him: Archer Hale = sighs of love that stubbornly arise whenever his name is mentioned or remembered. No! I think this explanation is not sufficiently compatible or fair to describe him. He cannot be reduced to plain sighs.

Would I be able to describe him in words? Intelligent… No, no… Brilliant. Self-learner even. Innocent but not stupid (well… that was clear already, right?). Fragile but strong. Shy but brave. Noble. Genuine. Simple. Mysterious. Misunderstood. But extremely transparent. Funny. Honest. Thoughtful. Straight forward. Charming. So lovable. Invisible. Neglected. But breathtaking handsome. Well… That sounded contradictory, right?

Perhaps, as I said to my dear friend Camilla, we can’t explain Archer Hale in words. You MUST read him in order to understand his soul, his heart, his life!

* SIGH *

Archer won my heart at the very first page of this book, at the age of seven years old. He stole my heart that moment and holds it till this moment. And no no… I have no desire to have it back! With every page, every chapter, every scene I learned a little more about him and realized who Archer Hale was, and what was going on inside of him in the deepest parts of his heart and soul, my heart beat faster and faster and was torn a little more for him. It is IMPOSSIBLE to not fall into his charms! It is completely IMPOSSIBLE to not  desperately love him! It is completely IMPOSSIBLE to not sympathize with his soul and to not cry with his wounds. It is completely IMPOSSIBLE!

“They don’t know who you are, Archer. They have no idea. And they don’t deserve to know. Don’t let their judgment hurt you.”

On the other hand, we have Bree Prescott. Do you know those annoying girls who pisses us off with their indecisions, with their immature attitudes that infuriate us? Those girls that make us roll our eyes and want to shake them and often slap them so hard to see if they learn anything and stop being a pain in the ass? So… Bree is… quite the OPPOSITE of it all! What a beautiful heart to know and have; detached from any prejudice and selfish feelings; full of love, compassion, understanding. A bruised heart and soul, but a heart and soul that bring an undeniably sweetness embedded in every little piece of her being. Bree is literally beautiful outside and inside, as cliché as it may sound. Cheerful and full of life, even with several reasons not to be. Someone who is always ready to see those around her regardless of appearance, age, gender. She just sees them as human beings with feelings, voice, dreams. Mia Sheridan definitely knows how to write female characters who don’t drives us crazy, but that in fact teaches us something valuable.

“You brought the silence,
The most beautiful sound I’d ever heard,
Because it was where you were.
And now you’ve taken it away.
And all the noises, all the sounds in the world,
Aren’t loud enough to pierce my broken heart.”

And definitely Mia Sheridan knows how to tell a story! She beautifully develops a story with a creative and different plot that gets us from page one and holds the attention of her readers till the end. With a fluid narrative, Mia develops her story and characters with calm, consistence and with no gaps. Each piece of this story fits perfectly at the right time! And what a fantastic connection she makes with the legend of Chiron, the Centaur, inserting the reference to the sign of Sagittarius in a magnificent way, completely different from the common sense, proving how amazing she is as an author by teaching us how personal pain, both physical and emotional, can become the source of great moral and spiritual strength.

And what about my feelings toward that book? Well… You all know the best part for me is to describe my emotions, feelings and reactions, right? And since I cannot explain who Archer is, I can at least try to explain what it is to read ARCHER’S VOICE, the sensations and emotions caused by this reading.

* SIGH *

When reading ARCHER’S VOICE you must be fully aware that your eyes will always be shining. At times they will be shinning as a reaction of your body’s need to express how touching, passionate, inspiring, enchanting is a quote, a paragraph, a scene, a dialogue or the whole story. (Glow accompanied by sighs.) Other times they will glow because they are watery, fully taken by tears. Tears of joy? Sometimes, but mostly tears caused by the pain of having another piece of your heart crushed, broken, shattered. Tears caused by a genuine pain and the need to relieve this pain! Oh… But there will always be this silly grin plastered on your face. (Glow accompanied by a smile.) Well, yeah… This might be the most common expression you will have: a goofy grin combined with tears that insist to escape your eyes. You will laugh, your eyes will shine, you will cry with joy, you will cry in pain, you will laugh again, and then your eyes will shine, you will cry with joy, you will cry in pain and you will laugh again! A vicious cycle… A sweet vicious cycle accompanied by a pounding heart, those welcome goose bumps and those delicious butterflies in our stomach… Oh those sweet butterflies!

Cupid shot me with his arrow, my heart raced, the butterflies took my stomach, my eyes shone, and I ended up with this silly grin on my face! All because of him!

“I think love is a concept, and each person has an individual word for what sums it up for them. My word for love is Bree.”

* SIGH *

I also wanted to hit someone… I ALWAYS want to hit someone! I was angry… I ALWAYS get angry with someone! But the biggest news of all time? Well ladies and gentlemen, let the drum roll… I asked… no, no… I BEGGED, PLEADED, ALMOST KNELT ON MY KNEES and cried for… A SPOILER! Are you aware of what this mean? No! I think you don’t quite understand! I committed a crime against literature! Spoiler is a literary murder! But oh man… The anguish in my heart got the best of me! And it’s all his fault! Archer Hale holds the position of being the only character who was ever able to make me go against all my principles, break my cardinal literature rule and beg for a spoiler! Is that enough for you to understand who Archer Hale is?

Anyway… Don’t expect in this book a story about a dominant CEO, or a bad boy full of trauma that has his flaws repaired by the innocent annoying girl who crosses his path, or the womanizer who drives any woman crazy. Well… Yeah… You can expect a little crazy yes! Lol But what I really would say to you expect? And what is the real charm about Archer Hale? His heart, his goodness, his character, his genuine, pure and true love. Expect a story about acceptance, growth, discovery, friendship and love!

Oh… And last but not least… No. He never jokes when it comes to Thor!

Review by Fernandamy rating 5 stars

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