Review: Steadfast, by Sarina Bowen

Steadfast Amazon

Steadfast (True North Book #2)
Sarina Bowen
313 pages
Release Date: 07/12/2016


She’s the only one who ever loved him—and the only one he can never have.

Jude lost everything one spring day when he crashed his car into an apple tree on the side of the road. A man is dead, and there’s no way he can ever right that wrong. He’d steer clear of Colebury, Vermont forever if he could. But an ex-con in recovery for his drug addiction can’t find a job just anywhere.

For Sophie Haines, coming face to face with the man who broke her heart is gut-wrenching. Suddenly, he’s everywhere she turns. It’s hard not to stare at how much he’s changed. The bad boy who used to love her didn’t have big biceps and sun-kissed hair. And he’d never turn up volunteer in the church kitchen.

She knows it’s foolish to yearn for the man who returned all the heartsick letters she wrote him in prison. But the looks he sends her now speak volumes.

No one wants to see Sophie and Jude back together, least of all Sophie’s police chief father. But it’s a small town. And forbidden love is a law unto itself.


My Review:

The fact that Sarina is one of my favorite authors is public knowledge. Everybody who knows my taste for books is aware of that. I love her and all of her books. So, having the privilege of getting one of her ARCs again is a huge honor for me.
When I read Bittersweet, one of the things I enjoyed the most was how easily the story flowed and the fact that no big drama was delivered. However, with Steadfast the drama is a huge element for the story, and…oh well…I’ll have to completely contradict myself, because it was amazing.
Books that deal with drug addiction areusually tough for me, because this theme brings me bad memories about family members. So it is not every book that deals with it that I will enjoy. I am very careful when chosing them. But in this particular book everything was so real, so well written, so pure, that my issue with the subject was left aside and I just let myself to be taken by the story.
Jude is an amazing character. In the first book, he was so quiet that I didn’t know what to expect from him. But he was a really good surprise. I was touched by his focus and his will to win his life back. I shared his sadness when he thought he had no future. I was happy when he dared to dream big. And I was almost destroyed when life tried, once again, to turn him down and he was put against his will to face his worse fear.
Sophie was also a huge surprise. She had every motive to hate Jude, but her love was so strong that she never let everything that happened destroy her love. She was brave, strong and determined in the way every female heroine must be.
I love everything about this book and, when I finished it, I had a blast. I was really really good.
This book is so different from the first, and yet a great complement. It was great to see Griffin and Audrey again, and the whole family as well. I can’t wait to read Zach’s book, because all of that quietness probably has a lot to reveal.

my rating 5 stars

By Mirela

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