Review: Twelve truths and a lie, by Christina Lee


Twelve Truths and a lie
Christina Lee


Aurora Jones has it all—a job she loves as a child and family therapist, supportive friends, and a decent place to live. What she doesn’t have is much luck when it comes to dating men. And not only are her choices terrible, she also hasn’t been boyfriend free since she was a teenager. So she places herself on a sabbatical of sorts. No dating for twelve months.

Cameron Miller has had a crappy year. His girlfriend fell for his best friend and to ease the pain, he drowns his troubles in more booze and women than he can count. When his buddies finally slap some sense into him and urge him to focus on his new position as a special education teacher in an urban school district, he decides to get his act together.

Away from the prying eyes of their mutual friends, Cameron and Aurora agree to hang out once a week in their newly dubbed Chastity Club. Number of members? Two. It’s a chance to find solace, companionship, and something neither anticipated – a burgeoning attraction. But when Cameron invites Aurora to be his fake date at the reunion his ex-girlfriend and best friend will be attending, their passion ignites. What happens in Chastity Club stays in Chastity Club, right? Until they discover that a year of self-truths might actually lead them to true love.


One of the most refreshing feelings we can have in reading happens when you find a book that not only has a good story, but talks to your heart and soul. “Twelve truths and a lie” is an inspiring and soothing story of two lost and beautiful souls that need to find a way in the fine line between the certainties of reason and passion insecurities to gain the love they certainly deserve.

Let’s be honest, normally, we love the guy and feel bad for him because the girl is just too hard on it or too indecisively, or we love the girl and the guy tests our limits… but in this book, oh this book is something else. Entirely. They both are so special, so good at heart that is really hard to choose only one! And because of that, it’s absolutely impossible not to cheer for them and for a happy ending!


Both Cameron and Aurora are excellent professionals, good friends, sexy and beautiful adults but until they meet… not so good with love. As Aurora says at one point, Cameron attitudes show how much he’s a decent man. And so he thinks of her. So, you might be wondering: what’s wrong with them?

Well, as you can see in the blurb, Aurora never spend any time by herself, and Cameron suffered one hell of a deception, so they kind of decide the same thing: to give a (love) break. And this decision is working fine (even if it costs “Richard’s” help for Aurora) until they meet. When that happens, their chemistry is intense and immediate! As they see similarities in each other, they create the hilarious Chastity club, and the enchantment and appreciation grows in each meeting (even they decide intensely to put this under the carpet) until Cameron invites Aurora to help him in a high school reunion where he will meet his exes (girlfriend and friend)… and boom! Passion and sexiness explode all around!!!!


But, as I told you before, they are good people, and don’t intend to hurt each other (or themselves), so reason and passion start a battle that will melt your heart! So, what you’re waiting for? Check out “Twelve truths and a lie” and meet this amazing story!

Five shining stars to your heart!!!!





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