Review: Below Deck by Tara Sivec



Declan McGillis can’t stand rich people. But working as a deckhand on a luxury charter yacht, he also can’t escape them. Declan has spent years kissing their ass and doing their bidding…whatever it takes to make his dreams come true, and nothing will get in his way of being the captain of his own yacht one day.

Mackenzie Armstrong knows what people think when they look at her. She knows from the outside looking in, it seems like her family has it all and doesn’t have a care in the world. Things aren’t always what they seem, and not only does Mackenzie have the weight of her family’s struggles on her shoulders, she also needs to prove to Declan that she’s not the spoiled princess he believes her to be.

Declan can’t ignore the sparks of lust between them, even though Mackenzie is completely off limits and absolutely out of his league.

Mackenzie thinks a vacation fling is just what she needs to forget about the mess her life has become, and Declan is the perfect man for the job.

Will this be a quick romp in the water, or will it turn into something more when Mackenzie finally gets below Deck?


(**ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review**)


Known for her unique and in the right measure humor, Tara Sivec presents us with her new book Below Deck, which features the story of Mackenzie and Declan, developed in an almost contemporary game of pride and prejudice, and false assumptions, and misconceptions, and the so annoyingly good old lack of communication.

The clean, fluid and right on point writing of Tara Sivec’s makes Below Deck a quick, humorous and entertaining read. And hot… very very VERY hot! #WOWLetItBurn

The chemistry between the main characters, and the bonding between the secondary characters are undeniable and make all the difference in this book. Each character is inserted at the right time and fulfills its role in the plot, making the book harmonious in its whole.

In addition, I have often caught myself missing something in a book in regard of a lack of development of a particular character or a plot. However, this time I was grateful that dramas were raised, but not deepened, serving merely as a background and not a plot themselves, because, therefore, Below Deck did not lose its lightness, typical in romantic comedies.

However, I do have to say I missed something…I missed a beautiful full punch right in the face of a certain character! I can’t deny my Latin roots, my Brazilian roots…My God, I’d have probably given a full show during some moments in this book, and throw this certain character…cof cof Declan cof cof…of that yacht with a black eye and a well deserved sharp pain between like his damn legs!!! #SorryNOTSORRY But oh well.. I overcame this anger and moved on, because, after all, we’re right, he’s wrong, and he’s sorry!

Finally, I would like to highlight the epilogue. A book or an author always gets extra points with me when they bring some kind of innovation, and always when I come across an epilogue written in a different way, my reaction as a reader is always a joyful one. Tara reached these extra points with me with Below Deck’s epilogue. I simply loved how Tara developed the epilogue in this book!

So, I truly recommend Below Deck for everyone who is in search of a fun, light and steamy hot love story…really really hot!

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